We are a podcast about climate change
that engages with interdisciplinary perspectives
on more-than-human worlds
through interviews, field recordings, and experimental sound.



What metaphors, tools, and projects are needed to imagine ways of building and repairing our cities more collaboratively, asks Shannon Mattern. Shannon is a theorist and professor of media, design, urban architecture, and anthropology based in New York. In this lively episode, she shares her expansive interests—from computation, interconnection, and urban intelligences to thinking with trees, refusing technosolutionism, writing as grafting, and redesigning the academy. A lifetime supporter and theorist of libraries and archives, Shannon also calls attention to the critical role public libraries play as "epistemological universes," as sites of long-term exchange, community building, intergenerational learning, and civic engagement amidst rapidly changing media, environments, and politics. Enjoy!

About The Lab

We aim to raise critical awareness about environmental damage and the challenges of multispecies survival. Through sound, we explore the work of art, the power of love and rage, the science of wonder and play.

Listen to natural and social scientists, historians, artists, writers, and theorists speak about working with organisms and landscapes that are on the one hand, rapidly being transformed by industrialization and extraction, and on the other, relentlessly adapting to novel socialities.

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Video: Pawel Wojtasik