MWL podcasts

Season 2

Paul Sadowski

08. PAUL SADOWSKI, mycologist and musician, shares stories about working with John Cage and sound, learning about fungi and trees with Gary Lincoff and NY Mycological Society, and going on fungi forays throughout New York.

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Lesley Green

07. Part 1 & 2
LESLEY GREEN, anthropologist in Cape Town, South Africa, talks about the critical role of doing environmental humanities from the South, and the need for a paradigm shift in the social and natural sciences.

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Season 1

ZHENG Bo + Steven LAM

06. ZHENG BO and STEVEN LAM are artists and educators who are engaged with plants, weedy and queer ecologies, chemical regimes, and social/environmental justice.

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Elizabeth Hénaff

05. ELIZABETH HENAFF, biologist and bioartist, discusses metagonomics and her collaborations with bacteria at the Gowanus Canal, a Superfund site in Brooklyn, NY.

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Heather Davis

04. HEATHER DAVIS, writer and feminist theorist, talks about plastic and the production of “toxic progeny,” humans and nonhumans born of the petrochemical industry in the United States.

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James Higham

03. JAMES HIGHAM, primatologist, discusses fieldwork with monkeys in Puerto Rico and Nigeria, as well as the ethics and politics involved with long-term research and environmental conservation.

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Julie Guthman

02. JULIE GUTHMAN, geographer and social scientist, speaks about a more-than-human assemblage of California strawberries, and why there is no easy way out of problems in agriculture.

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Ashley Dawson

01. ASHLEY DAWSON, postcolonial scholar and climate justice activist, speaks about extreme cities, the power of storytelling, and an urgent need to imagine collective action.

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