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Heather Davis


HEATHER DAVIS talks about plastic in the United States, discussing its materiality, geography, and toxic histories. Combining feminist and queer theory with chemistry, geology, history, and art, Davis unpacks the constitution of throwaway culture, petrochemical industries, pvc, feminized male bodies, human endocrine systems, multidisciplinary collaboration, mealworms, and mermaids’ tears (also known as nurdles) in order to think through questions of justice, inheritance, and multispecies kinship.


Upcoming Episodes

Episode 05 | Recorded October 2020
ZHENG Bo + Steven LAM
How might weedy plants break through extractionist logics of colonialism and industrial modernity? Artist Zheng Bo and curator/artist Steven Lam talk about multispecies ecologies, chemical complicities, and environmental/social justice during COVID-19.
Episode 06 |  November 2020
Computational biologist and designer, discusses her collaborative investigations of bacteria that live in the waters of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, as well as the significance of scientific apparatuses and creative methods.
Episode 07 |  December 2020
Anthropologist Lesley Green speaks about colonial ecologies and endangered lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and her new book “Rock Water Life” (Duke 2020).

About The Lab

We aim to raise critical awareness about environmental damage and the challenges of multispecies survival. Through sound, we explore the work of art, the power of love and rage, the science of wonder and play.

Listen to natural and social scientists, historians, artists, writers, and theorists speak about working with organisms and landscapes that are on the one hand, rapidly being transformed by industrialization and extraction, and on the other, relentlessly adapting to novel socialities.

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