Ashley Dawson


Ashley Dawson, postcolonial scholar and climate justice activist, speaks about extreme cities, the power of storytelling, and an urgent need to imagine collective action.


Upcoming Episodes

Episode 02 | Recorded September 2019 in New Orleans, LA 
JULIE GUTHMAN, geographer and social scientist, speaks about a more-than-human assemblage of California strawberries, and why there is no easy way out of problems in agriculture.

Episode 03 | Recorded August 2019 in New York City
JAMES HIGHAM, primatologist, discusses fieldwork with monkeys in Puerto Rico and Nigeria, as well as the ethics and politics involved with long-term research and environmental conservation.

About The Lab

We aim to raise critical awareness about environmental damage and the challenges of multispecies survival. Through sound, we explore the work of art, the power of love and rage, the science of wonder and play.

Listen to natural and social scientists, historians, artists, writers, and theorists speak about working with organisms and landscapes that are on the one hand, rapidly being transformed by industrialization and extraction, and on the other, relentlessly adapting to novel socialities.

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